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High level of services and customer care widely accessible for all customers…

We entered the market of biomedical field service companies in Czech Republic with the aim to introduce a new level of services and customer care comparable to standards we have seen in other countries. We want to always bring smart solutions, quality, effective work, unique level of openness and flexibility. These features we want to offer widely for all our customers. Moreover, we understand the key role of customer services as a precondition for growing in a strong company and for maintaining the high-level brand reputation as well.

Local field service – international experiences…

Our founder, Viktor Pokorný, worked for more than 8 years at a global medical device company where he was building up from a scratch the technical service workflow, support system, training system, service documentation system, failure data and statistic system, system of common service tools and spare parts available for company’s global network of field service engineers. He also performed supervisory program and audits of the company’s field service centers worldwide. He has been always sharing experiences and bringing inspiration to local field service centers, their managers, motivating them and enabling them to step onward.


Where others are losing an interest because of difficulties, we offer solutions, thinking smartly we like the challenging tasks.


We always follow agreed procedures and work in manufacturer standards to keep fulfilling customers’ expectations. Our field service engineers are properly trained by international companies we cooperate with.


We keep an unusual level of openness to our customers. Our company standard of work is unique in the medical field service industry. We record all service events in video, images and text and provide these reports to our customers via online portal.


We accept new products and variable needs of our customers. We provide short reaction time as well as 24/7 support if required.