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We are able to handle all warranty and after-warranty field service jobs on site at your end-customers or in our work shop while you, as a medical device distributor or manufacturer, pay attention to priority tasks and invest your energy mainly on development of business opportunities in the market.

We always follow agreed procedures to keep fulfilling customers’ expectations. Our company standard of work is unique in the medical field service industry. We record all service events in video, images and text and are able to provide them to you in addition to required standard level of service reporting.

We understand the key role of customer services as a precondition for growing in a strong company. With us you will always be keeping a high level of brand reputation in the market because of satisfied customers. With our passion for services and customer care you become a winner in the long time run.


The supplementary service support is a perfect solution when a medical device distributor or manufacturer needs additional technical skills at specific time or within specific product areas. We can take over the field service jobs during peak season, during vacation or in any other case when your internal field service team’s power is not enough to cover the unpredictable requirements inbound.

We can also take over part of your medical device portfolio which is ineffective to be maintained by your internal staff. With our experiences, a smart, effective and flexible approach, this could be beneficial for both.

A contract on our supplementary service support will increase your flexibility and save on fixed costs.

Let us try!